Circus Atmosphere. Cabaret Atmosphere. "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" Joel Grey and Liza Minelli on the scene in the film Cabaret. Gøglerliv and love in Marcel Carnes Paradise children. Circus Nemo. The singer and composer Sulahue Armengols debut EP Eating Stars cultivate conscious gøgleriets and circus life universe, and it is not by chance that the initial thoughts pop into your head while listening to EP'ens five numbers.
Together with his team of musicians - soul friend Lars Emil Riis (piano and composition), Alexander Kraglund (violin, accordion), Spencer Gross (guitar), Michael Dalgasgroup (drums, percussion) and Søren Lund (bass) - offers Sualahue to the Circus Sulahue where she singing ringmaster presents clown, ballerina and other circus acts.
But music is not the circus music in pure culture. On Eating Stars meetings jazz gøglet, and the meeting between the two worlds leads to sweet music both exude the aforementioned mood swings merrily and jazzy as in Django Reinhardt's 'gypsy jazz' or merge in melancholy chamber jazz, as in the beautiful ballad "Round & Round ". As already indicated, there is something cinematic about the music. The music on Eating Stars is eminently evocative and provocative imagination. And Sulahue sings with a clear ungpigerøst that impart the musical universe with a touch of innocence. Recommended circus, jazz lovers and others who like music that does not follow the stream. The record is released.