SAWDUST, LIVE ANIMALS and talc. Eating Stars gives a good insight into Sulahues musical universe - and especially like to hear more of it. A few weeks ago sat and I reviewed the debut album from Cabaret Sybarit. Then I thought that there would probably be some time before I again had to throw a CD at the plant who got pictures of cabaret, circus and clowns to show up on the retina.

That was before I received the ep Eating Stars, the first release from Danish / Mexican Sulahue. On Eating Stars invited the listener on a tour of Solahues musical universe. A universe on the EP spread out over four varied numbers have in common is that they smell a bit of sawdust, live animals and talc. Even the Sulahue a competent jazz singer whose exotic sounding vocal features plenty of drama, but never plays to the gallery.

Musical is the circus theme most pronounced in ep'ens first number where Sulahues 'ballerina girl' meets 'The Strongest man in the world'. She backed up by a grand orchestra where I was "Ballerina Girl" bed strangest of Alexander Krag Lund beautiful violin themes. "Clown" drops the theatrical in favor of a game of swingin 'jazz, and especially piano, bass and percussion is allowed to unfold.

The pace is lowered on the remaining two numbers, where the ballad "Round & Round" sticks out as the highlight of Eating Stars. Probably it's a jazz ballad, but Sulahue delivers melancholy and drama through her ​​voice. The one we're going to hear more! And then do it less, to "Hush Now" are little more anonymous in both composition and performance.

Eating Stars is followed by an EP, which is being prepared even now, while an album scheduled to be released in the summer of 2013 Until then, this ep a good insight into Sulahues musical universe - and especially like to hear more of it.