Pop Tunes and Chamber Jazz

The Danish-Mexican singer Sulahue debut with the EP Eating Stars in 2012 It was a charming acquaintance, but then promised follow-up ep and then the album in the summer of 2013 never took off for me unknown reasons. Now Sulahue finally left. And she is fortunately still a charming acquaintance.

Album Title - Eating Stars & Spitting Fire - suggests a continuation of ep'ens circus theme. We are moving as in the same circus-related universe, but I still think Sulahue has shifted. Texts characters are still colorful, but the stakes are higher. Here both you, unrequited love, cranks fates and murder. All supplied with a hot and cheesy twinkle in his eye, revealing her Latin American ancestry. It goes hand in hand with the music that is equal parts pop tunes, chamber jazz, lively swing. Sulahue backed by an ensemble of talented musicians playing utterly unpretentious. The average age is not high, but the interaction is excellent. As on the EP makes Alexander Kraglund is especially noticed with its sensitive violin playing, like Lars Emil Riis' playing the keyboard is a pleasure. Same Lars Emil stand with Soluhae behind the main body of the music on Eating Stars & Spitting Fire.

Eating Stars & Spitting Fire is a little peculiar album since Sulahue and company seems utterly unaffected by what the rest of Denmark musicians running around and doing. Not that the album is complete original, but the mood is variable from a different time and a different world, and it sounds the album so hot that several times told myself that I could hear the needle crackling on vinyl. It's good handcraft to get it down on CD!

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