When the singer Sulahue debuted with EP Eating Stars the plan was to release a whole album a year later. Two years went without going beyond the music quality. Sulahues musical universe fueled by a charming relationship with ballerinas, clowns, strong men and colorful moods. It is a musical circus where Sulahue blends cabaret, pop, ballads and jazz. The music has been developed in close cooperation with boyfriend Lars Emil Riis, who also plays the piano, harmonium and Hammond. Alexander Crow Lund violin and chromatic harmonica is to give the music a special touch.

Sulahue have something original and functional. Something is happening at depth, which she manages to convey and have it made clear to the listeners. There are my immediate favorites Mr. Policeman and swing number Clown. It is a well-machined plate. It deserves an adult audience who appreciate the quiet moments and healthy organic music with no artificial additives.

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