The Danish / Mexican singer Sulahue Armengol is - in Danish pop-context - relatively new and in any case unusual figure. She was born and grew up in a poor hamlet in the mountains of Mexico, moved at age 13 with his family to Denmark, and here she is today part and parcel with her husband and musical partner, Lars Emil Riis. Together, the two written all the songs on Sulahues debut album, Eating Stars & Spitting Fire, which - despite the fact that there is a debut, is carried by a surprising authority and originality.

The music is in the borderland between vokalpop, chamber vocal jazz and singer-songwriter people with a hint of cabaret. The instrumentation itself - or rather the balance between the instruments - is peculiar, since there is a CD categorized as pop. The violin is prominent, like the piano on several tracks sounds like it was taken straight out of a western saloon. The term full of circus and informality, originality and at the same time ties to other genres, traditions and plains. The music swings, is as stories on the leash. Immediately available and yet with depth and multiple layers.

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